Towering 60 stories over the Strip Wynn Las Vegas is one of the tallest buildings in Las Vegas. Opened on April 28, 2005, it is constructed so that visitors must enter the building to view the free attractions. The main attraction is a large, curtain waterfall behind a mountain that faces the strip. The waterfall falls into a 3 acre (12,000 m²) lake. The visual element of Lake of Dreams is driven exclusively by Barco projectors which integrate seamlessly with the overall presentation: two ELM-R18 projection systems and five XLM-H25 systems. As many as 3000 guests experience this astonishing display every day. When the show is inactive, the waterfall creates an animated color sequence on the screen, which is very attractive at night. 

The ELM-R18 offers an ideal combination of durability and performance. Its unique design simplifies handling and control, ensuring efficiency. A rugged steel frame keeps the projector safe, while its innovative modular construction takes functionality to a new level. Combining exceptional source compatibility with Barco’s TCR image processing, the ELM-R18 puts out 17,500 lumens of pristine light.

“Barco’s XLM-H25 units help transform our 45-ft high by 90-ft wide waterfall into a one of a kind visual display,” said Danny Murphy, Director of Front Feature at Wynn Las Vegas. “Two additional projection surfaces, a 25-ft high mask of a human head and a 27-ft wide disc are also brought to life by our Barco projectors. All three surfaces function in the environment concurrently.” The XLM-H25, featuring a light output of 27,000 center lumen is the ultimate standard for high-brightness projection. It is the first DLP projector with both a native wide-screen aspect ratio and 2048x1080 resolution. With its sturdy DMD engine and adjustable convergence system, the XLM-H25 is designed for around-the-clock presentations of truly magnificent proportions like those featured prominently in Lake of Dreams.

Today, Lake of Dreams is among the most popular and successful features located along the Las Vegas Strip. The thousands of guests who visit the attraction each week leave with a similar sentiment: as Murphy observed, “They always seem to appreciate the mere fact that a waterfall of this magnitude can be immediately transformed into a dynamic visual display.”