Belgacom is a long-standing telecom company, headquartered in Belgium’s capital of Brussels. To bolster its image as an important player in telecommunication services, video-on-demand, internet, e-government and interactive television, it was looking to refurbish its flagship shop at its headquarters.

Belgacom originally wanted Barco to replace its stale paper advertisements around the hall’s central pillar with an array of LCD screens. Gradually, though, the company became aware that it needed a truly unique solution to assert its unequaled position in the market. Therefore, it accepted Barco’s bold proposal to build a full 360° conical display around the pillar, the first and only in its kind.

To make such an unusual display possible, Barco developed and installed a cluster of ten compact, 5000 ANSI lumens Sim 5R projectors controlled by an XDS-1000 display management system. The SXGA+, single-chip DLP Sim 5R is ideal for intensive use applications. Its edge blending capabilities eliminates seams where projections converge, while dedicated warping technology makes it possible to maintain the same image quality up and down the length of the conical 1,4m screen it is arrayed behind.

Barco’s network-centric XDS-1000 managed this advanced installation. For all its power, it is a very user-friendly solution. It features a Windows XP display server with easy mouse and keyboard control and enables any number of networked or locally stored data and video sources to be displayed on the screen seamlessly, in multiple windows. Start Menu option “My Layouts” allows creation, storage and recalling of window configurations. Similarly, “My Sources” detects and displays any source that might be connected to the XDS-1000

For Belgacom, the result is a stunning multi-channel display that acts as a versatile high-resolution banner topping their information counter. Since the 360° conic display was installed, Belgacom has seen its revenue from the flagship store rise up to 10%. For them, it demonstrated the convincing power of having unique, customized and high-profile visualization tools.