North Point Ministries is a mega-church organization located in Georgia. The organization operates a primary campus, North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, and two recently established satellite campuses: Browns Bridge in Cumming, and Buckhead near Atlanta.

One of the greatest challenges facing satellite churches is bringing an exceptional worship experience to remote locations. In the case of North Point, the organization needed a method to present the teaching of Pastor Andy Stanley in an accurate, true-to-life format for its satellite campuses. After considering a variety of options, North Point selected Barco to provide the visualization solution.

Barco supplied a comprehensive display system for North Point, consisting of the world’s first XLM HD30 for the center screen in the Browns Bridge sanctuary, and two SLM R12+ projectors for the side screens. Immediately following the successful installation, North Point ordered an identical package for the Buckhead campus.

The XLM HD30 has a brilliant light output of 30,000 lumens, which makes it the brightest projector currently available on the market, and an ideal match with houses of worship that have a lot of artificial and natural light. Barco’s XLM projects bright, crisp images even in these environments, and its native widescreen 2048x1080 resolution guarantees complete immersion into the message North Point Ministries wants to convey. With its functional design, fully sealed engine, and adjustable convergence system, the XLM HD30 is engineered for intense, non-stop visualization.

The value-engineered SLM R12+ projector features a light output of up to 12,000 ANSI lumens and exceptional video performance. Combined with a native SXGA+, the SLM is ideal for religious venues like North Point’s satellite campuses.

As a result of these high definition systems, North Point’s satellite campuses enjoy an extremely realistic portrayal of teaching pastor Andy Stanley each Sunday. While satellite churches often struggle to provide a realistic worship experience for their congregants, Barco has empowered North Point with the best of both worlds: an extremely accurate visualization system which allows continued growth without compromising integrity.