With a total of over 100 million customers, TeliaSonera is the largest mobile phone operator in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and is also expanding its services throughout Central and Eastern Europe. For its headquarters’ entrance hall in Helsinki, TeliaSonera was looking for the right visualization that would assert its unique, dominant position.

To power the biggest single-projector screen in Finland, TeliaSonera chose Barco’s three-chip DLP SLM R12+ projector. With its bright, powerful light output of 12,000 lumens and its outstanding color quality, it projects crisp images from a diverse range of sources even in the entrance hall’s challengingly bright environment. Computer, Mac, DVD or DVM sources, the SLM R12+ confidently projects anything on the 12m² dnp screen.

The SLM R12’s track record of reliability and durability made it an excellent choice for this venue that requires constant, unfailing operation to project an immaculate company image.