Challenge: Google’s European headquarters in Dublin were looking for a new visualization system in their auditorium. Drawing on experiences with display walls in the past, Google knew that it wanted a multi-channel system capable of showing several sources at the same time.

Solution: Barco developed and installed a four-channel DecisionWall at Google’s European headquarters. It provides a seamless, widescreen Windows desktop on which local, connected and networked sources can be projected simultaneously. This also results in user-friendly mouse and keyboard control, with which users can freely move, resize or overlap source windows.

Why Barco: “Thanks to Barco’s display system, we can now compare, discuss, share and view our sources at the same time, in any configuration,” says Gareth Stewart, Google’s Manager for Multimedia services for the EMEA region, “This greatly accelerates our decision-making process. And what’s best of all – the system is so user-friendly that anyone can use it.”