Challenge: Johann Palisa Planetarium, the third-largest Czech planetarium, needed high-quality, reliable projection equipment for one of their domes. They wanted to have a resolution quality that would not only meet the highest standards for realism, but also filled visitors with a sense of awe.

Solution: Barco offered its iCon H500 projector. The iCon H500 is a 1080p HD single-chip DLP projector with a light output of 5,000 lumens and a sealed optical engine. It features a user-friendly Windows desktop interface that allows mouse and keyboard control of simultaneously displayed sources in real-time.

Why Barco: The iCon H500’s 1080p HD resolution projected on the dome’s surface fills nearly the entire available human field of view. Furthermore, its durable single-chip DLP technology renders it a proven asset for any intensive-use application such as planetariums. This reliability is enhanced even more by the iCon’s sealed optical engine, which prevents dust from contaminating its core parts, and guarantees a long-lasting, consistent image quality.