Challenge: Sopot’s Aquapark, a modern family and amusement park at a stone’s throw away from the Baltic Sea’s famed shoreline, was looking for a variety of projection systems for its indoors Pick & Roll venue, and its outdoors Green Yard.

Solution: For the roofed Pick & Roll halls, where people can watch live sports on a large screen, Aquapark chose two of Barco’s three-chip DLP projectors, the RLM R6+ and the SLM R12+. Both have an SXGA+ resolution and boast 6,000 and 12,000 lumens respectively, and have earned special renown due to their high reliability and image quality. The Green Yard was outfitted with two extra-bright Barco FLM HD18 projectors. Also a three-chip DLP projector, the FLM has a native 1080p HD resolution and a stunning 18,000 lumens light output.

Why Barco: Aquapark’s owners had had favorable experiences with Barco technology in the past. In this case, it was projectors’ strong light outputs and outstanding image quality that convinced them their audience’s focus would be on the screen. Nobody will be distracted by other light sources, and their high resolution combines with an excellent color quality to ensure that everyone can see not just the big picture, but also all important details.