Challenge: BP is one of the world’s six so-called “supermajors”, global heavyweights in the vertically integrated oil and gas industry. For their new North Sea operations headquarters located in Aberdeen, BP was looking to standardize on a visualization platform that would allow their meeting rooms to have the same look and feel, and enable easy, fast collaboration with various multidisciplinary teams on- and offshore.

Solution: BP opted to standardize on Barco’s iD H500. Each of the 43 projectors is connected to a computer than runs Barco’s XDS Control Center software. This allows users to display multiple sources simultaneously in a familiar Windows desktop, and guarantees fast access to any of these sources, whether local or networked. In addition, it supports desktop sharing and videoconferencing control, so that BP’s employees can discuss the same content in detail with an offshore team, drastically cutting the need for traveling.

Why Barco: The iD H500 projector is very suitable to project clear, detailed images even in the bright, modern rooms of the new headquarters. Its sealed optical engine prevents dust from entering, and guarantees an impeccable image quality at all times. Thanks to the XDS Control Center software, BP employees can now flexibly share data in a user-friendly working environment that doesn’t require extensive training. Remote teams are linked better and can learn from each other much more quickly.