Sensation is one of the most spectacular dance and music phenomenons in the world. With a different theme every year, the event tours throughout Europe. This year's edition “Wicked wonderland” offers a visual feast for the thousands of dance fans. The visual show is completely based on “video use”.

The FLM HD20 projectors were used to project onto six banners each measuring 15 meters high by 6 meters. Each banner has its own stack using two FLM HD20's with warping function. The butterfly wings were projected with a triple stack using two FLM R22+ and one FLM R20+ per stack. For technical purposes, the projectors had to project 'portrait' images, which meant that they were laid on their side. They were made to stand 100% off axis of the wings, therefore proving perfect for the warping module.

The eight MiTRIX screens in the center stage were able to move during the show. To complete the visual image, two “keyholes” were created using Barco DLite7. The complete infrastructure was driven by ten ImagePRO HD's.