St. Joseph's Health Care, based in London, Ontario, Canada, is one of the region’s leading teaching hospitals and research centers. Recently, they invested in the benefits of Barco's Coronis color imaging technology.

With its superb multi-modality performance, the Coronis 6MP provides the ability to display grayscale, color-enhanced and fused images side-by-side in a seamless presentation. For the hospital's radiologists, this high-resolution diagnostic canvas eliminates the need for a separate display to read color-enhanced images.

Improved efficiency
“Our day is so busy, that anything that improves our workflow makes a difference,” said Dr. Justin Amann, Radiologist at St. Joseph's. “The Coronis Fusion has helped us, because it makes our day run smoother. The main difference is if I'm working in different modalities, I don't have to move to different monitors.”

“Now, the same color display lets me look at color Doppler images, at 3D post-processed images from CT scans, as well as grayscale images,” explained Dr. Amann. “The color capability lets me work through any case at any time, and it improves my efficiency during the day.”

A pleasure to work with
“The biggest advantages of the Coronis Fusion 6MP DL are its qualities as a medical display system,” noted Dr. Greg Garvin, Radiologist at St. Joseph's. “It's a big place to lay out my images, with lots of screen real estate.”

“But it's more about how impressive it is visually, how easy it is on the eyes, how vivid the pathology is, and how it makes more efficient use of your visual real estate. The 6MP is lovely to use. It's clear, rich, and a pleasure to work with.”