Water, light and creative performances combine into a stunning display of theater and special effects to create the world's most spectacular water show, the “House of Dancing Water,” at City of Dreams in Macau, China. Created and directed by showmaker Franco Dragone of “Cirque du Soleil” fame, House of Dancing Water relies on Barco's DML 1200s and FLM HD20s to create the magnificently illuminated backdrops, a drumwall projection and stage floor imagery.

The 270-degree theater in the round features a central stage of 65-feet in diameter, which alternately becomes solid and aquatic thanks to the work of 11 10-ton elevators. 77 neoprene-clad international performance artists converge on the stage to amaze audiences with a visually mesmerizing story. Creating the dynamic scenery are ten DML 1200s mounted in pairs under four catwalks, projecting onto several surfaces. Four FLM HD20s project onto the main backdrop, creating dream-like imagery throughout the performance.