Thirty years after legendary '80s rock band Pink Floyd's famous “The Wall” show, producers of Roger Waters' current worldwide concert tour set out to authentically reproduce an exact replica for a new generation. A major challenge was to fabricate “the wall” each night, brick-by-brick in sync with the video projection – a laborious, yet essential task to maintain the integrity of the projections which display rotating scenery, dynamic backdrops and optical illusions.

Show directors succeeded in seamlessly visualizing the concepts in each song, such as bending bricks, wriggling worms, and other animated multi-dimensional effects, using 15 FLM HD20 projectors, five FLM R22+ projectors, five Encore presentation systems and 32 Cyberlight 2.0 units with a Road Hog full Boar console. To create the visual effect of building the wall brick-by-brick, fifteen FLM HD20 projectors are arranged in five stacks of three driven by the Encore presentation system,. The Encore keys a mask signal from a media server to reveal the video on the bricks as they are added to the wall. An additional five R22+ projectors cover a circular screen, adding another layer of imagery. A High End Systems Full Boar console ties it all together, providing live cues as well as programmed functions. No less than 32 Cyberlight 2.0 units illuminate the stage and performers, creating a spectacular show.