Only the best is good enough for Blitz-CineStar. So Croatia's leading cinema operator chose Barco

Hrvoje Krstulovic, Board Member of Croatia's leading cinema operator Blitz-CineStar, offered himself a grand, unforgettable birthday celebration on 14 April 2011. He had the honor of inaugurating Blitz-CineStar's flagship multiplex, featuring 10 auditoriums, in Zagreb's prestigious new Arena Center. The brand-new multiplex is its third and most exciting multiplex in the Croatian capital. In addition, Blitz-CineStar operates 9 other multiplexes that Krstulovic and his team wish to convert to fully digital by the November 2011.

They chose Barco to help them achieve that objective, 'because Barco could support a large-scale digital conversion in such a tight schedule and, most importantly, unmistakably delivers the very best technology.'