Mohawk Industries, a leading U.S. flooring manufacturer, entertained a crowd of 2,700+ attendees at its annual dealer convention, using 20 Barco FLM HD20 projectors to present a unique animated biopic featuring several key retail partners. The seamless, panoramic video presentation offered both information and inspiration to re-energize the company's dealers after a prolonged business downturn.

Working with partners DWP Live and EventWorks, Barco provided its industry-leading HD large-event projectors to present an innovative, motivational show focused on lifting the spirits of Mohawk's dealers. The fully immersive HD presentation, which used real-life testimonials to reinforce the spirit of entrepreneurism among its retailers, covered a 345-foot screen with 270° of edge-blended video imagery, 720 pixels high and 15,360 pixels wide.

Ted Bowers, of EventWorks, the show's producer and chief AV partner, was impressed with the results: “Our goal was to portray a dramatic biographical storyline, from childhood to successful business owner, to illustrate the evolution of these entrepreneurs. The presentation quality brought a high degree of realism to the characters, enlivening the message to fully engage participants. Post-convention feedback confirmed that dealers felt encouraged and prepared for positive growth, and the presentation was a big factor in achieving this.”