Continuing its successful digital cinema conversion begun in 2010, Barco deployed 65 more Barco DLP Cinema projectors for SR Entertainment Group in rapid succession – completing all installations in just five days in sites spanning from Northern to Southern California. Barco provided the full complement of digital cinema solutions, including LMS, servers, automation and 3D. The deployment includes a wide range of Barco's fully DCI-compliant 2K and 4K projectors, with Barco also providing turnkey installation services, ongoing maintenance and proactive NOC monitoring.

SR Entertainment selected Barco as its digital cinema projector provider in July 2010 as part of its long-term VPF agreement with Cinedigm. The inaugural installation at Blue Oaks Cinema in Rocklin, CA, holds the distinction of being one of the first theaters in the world to feature non-mezzanine auditoriums, utilizing projector lift systems and remote controls to reduce construction costs and simplify operation.

This innovative theater architecture was conceived as a single-story, “non-mezzanine” footprint, eliminating the need to raise ceiling heights for the typical second-story projector level. The approach enabled the company to cost-effectively convert an old department store, saving more than $1 million in construction costs on the new multi-plex. Essential to this design was the ability to install Barco projectors on a sophisticated lift system on tracks at the back of each auditorium. The track facilitates maintenance of the projector and, if any adjustments are needed, the theater manager can fine-tune the image from virtually anywhere using an iPhone.

SR Entertainment Group is a family-run company that operates, designs, builds and renovates theatres. SR Entertainment Group also "buys and books" film, manages concessions and performs other administrative functions for a growing network of motion picture theatres and independent exhibitors. SR Entertainment Group operates many state-of-the-art megaplexes in California that feature large snack bars as well as the ultimate in picture & digital sound presentations and some giant auditoriums with wall-to-wall screens.