Addressing great concerns around maintenance requirements and costs in their existing Visual Display System (VDS), British Airways upgraded to using FL32 LED DLP projectors in their Full Flight trainers at Heathrow, London.

Having used standard COTS LCoS projectors for showing ‘Out The Window’ (OTW) content in its full-flight simulators, BA switched to solid state LED based DLP projectors in 2011.

Our requirements for low maintenance, consistent image quality and predictable cost of ownership have all been met.."
- Mike Burtenshaw, General Manager British Airways Flight Training

Addressing the high maintenance costs and requirements following the existing VDS, BA tasked themselves with finding an alternative projector that could work with the IG and system, with minimal changes and minimal impact on their pilot training schedule.

Standard deliverable LCoS projectors are essentially ‘consumer’ products modified for use in flight simulation. BA found that frequent lamp changes, along with regular set ups, are a fundamental requirement of LCoS projectors to maintain consistent image quality.

The FL32 is designed from the ground up to be a professional-quality product for industrial use. Its LED light source means there is no requirement to replace a lamp and the day-to-day maintenance required is minimal. Easily meeting all relevant specifications Level D qualification, including resolution, brightness and black levels it meets all requirements for the most stringent standard for full-flight simulation systems.

THE FL32's implementation of RealLED, projectiondesign's unique implementation of solid-state illumination technology promises not just reduced maintenance and increased consistency compared with conventional projector light sources, but many other benefits including enhanced black levels and a much greater available colour gamut.

“It is extremely gratifying that such leading-edge technology has been so quickly adopted and approved for use in Level D-certified flight simulation applications – a testament not just to this particular product but to our whole philosophy of providing professional-grade projectors that are brilliantly engineered, fully customizable, and always properly supported.”