The University of Toledo has installed Barco's I-Space and CADWall to serve as the cornerstone of a new virtual immersive reality center designed to educate future generations of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals. Housed within the University of Toledo's Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center (UT-IISC), the simulation solutions will play a pivotal role as the University forges a new era focused on enhancing interdisciplinary medical education and collaboration in clinical, behavioral and human factors research and practice.

Barco's two 3D stereoscopic immersive CADWalls and an I-Space system are fully operational in the virtual immersive spaces of the Center, allowing educators, researchers and students alike to explore the human body in a brand new way. The four-sided I-Space “virtual room” portrays 3D computer images of skeletons, organs, arteries and medical conditions, allowing participants to “walk through” parts of the body for a truly immersive learning and training experience. 3D visualization of anatomy will be projected to show normal and abnormal pathology as well as CT scan reading. The Barco I-Space will be used to simulate entire environments such as operating suites.

The UT-IISC will ultimately deliver a unique and comprehensive range of simulation experiences under one roof according to a “Tri-Center” concept. The integrated centers will include a progressive anatomy and surgical skills center; an advanced clinical simulation center; and a virtual immersive reality center, encompassing a broad spectrum of sophisticated clinical simulation and 3D technologies. The purpose is to provide a virtual, interactive environment to depict real-life medical scenarios, conditions and procedures – from disaster medical readiness to childbearing – for advanced learning, teaching, skill development and clinical practice.