Galaxy 4K projector visualizes the building of the future

Ever since its establishment in 1665, Saint Gobain has been committed to inventing products that improve the quality of living. From self-cleaning windows and photovoltaic glass to smart insulation, water supply and solar solutions: 20% of the products in the company´s portfolio did not exist five years ago. Saint Gobain´s drive for innovation has made it an undisputed leader in the habitat and construction markets.

In October 2011, Saint Gobain inaugurated a groundbreaking concept at its Aubervilliers site (Paris): the DomoLab Innovation Center, where construction professionals can experience the house of the future. The DomoLab´s 30-seat 3D cinema features the very first Barco Galaxy 4K projector installed in France for corporate marketing. Saint Gobain chose Barco on account of its market leadership, reliability and, of course, its unremitting drive for innovation.