Ensuring an amazingly bright projection of Maastricht’s history

In 2012, the Dutch city of Maastricht celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty. At the same time, the city was nominated to become the 2018 European Capital of Culture. To highlight these events, the city embarked upon an ambitious projection mapping, telling the history of Maastricht on its town hall.

Barco distributor Houben Mediaverhuur brought the town hall walls to live with three Barco HDQ-2K40 projectors. Pledging 40,000 lumens light output and 2K resolution, the top-of-the-line HDQ-2K40 is considered the world’s brightest projector for the rental and staging industry. “The light output and contrast levels are baffling, thus ensuring the brightest possible projection even with quite some ambient light. Moreover, we could use a portrait set-up without image quality loss. That was very handy too,” said Roger Ronda, technical project leader at Houben.

Besides its high quality, Houben Mediaverhuur also praises the low total cost of ownership of the HDQ-2K40: “The projector is a bit more expensive to rent than many others but its total cost of ownership is really lower, as less projectors are needed and the solid, modular design and easy set-up help cut installation costs.”

Houben Mediaverhuur combines its stack of Barco projectors with broad, in-house knowledge on developing systems for building projection (video mapping). “We’re always sure our customers will be happy if we use Barco’s high-quality solutions. More than that, Barco also provides exceptional services. They’re always available when we need help,” Roger Ronda concluded.