Opening Ceremony for IPL 2013 Swept by Impressive Video Mapping

Every year, every die-hard cricket fan waits with bated breath to watch the most glamorous, spectacular and nail-biting action in the massively popular Indian Premier League (IPL). The event brings together talent from all over the cricketing world. Following a spectacular kick-off with fireworks, the stage at Kolkata’s Salt Lake Stadium saw spectacular performances from stars like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, international rapper Pitbull and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Barco rental partners Spectrum Audio Visualz, Mumbai and Dynamix Media, New Delhi were approached to supply projectors to showcase an impressive video mapping projected onto the balloons used during the IPL inauguration and our loyal partners provided crowd an unforgettable experience co-ordinating brilliantly with Ground Event Production, Core Network. Six of Barco’s most silent and powerful FLM-R22s projectors were used to amaze the audience. The event was truly out of this world, as six Barco projectors combined to deliver a mesmerizing output of 132,000 lumens, lighting up the evening. Barco ensured a memorable performance on the opening night of the IPL, thanks to the superior qualities of the FLM R22s. The FLM R22s were the perfect fit for this ceremony as they provide large venues with extra brightness to show clear, crisp images in an already luminous environment.