Since its opening in December 2007, the NCPA has welcomed many (international) opera, music and theatre performances, while also focusing on art education and exchange. One of the highlights of the NCPA 2012 calendar was the NCPA Opera Festival. Reviews for the opening show, Richard Wagner’s ‘The Flying Dutchman’, were raving.

“The ‘Flying Dutchman’ was our first Wagner production, so we wanted to showcase the best possible performance of the opera,” said Mr. Cai Zhiming, NCPA staging AV group engineering director at the NCPA. The stage combined realistic and imaginary images. In the center was the spooky ship. Lifelike scenes of roaring waves and violent winds came to life on twelve surrounding projection screens, thanks to eight Barco FLM-HD20 and four FLM-R22+ projectors that the NCPA had rented.

Very impressed

In 2013, ‘The Flying Dutchman’ returned to the NCPA, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Wagner’s birth. Mr. Cai comments: “The anniversary was the perfect time to reintroduce the opera to the Chinese public. Bringing back the opera however meant we had to rent projectors once again. Because we were so impressed with Barco’s technology the year before, we decided to permanently purchase the projectors instead of renting them.”

Perfect match for the NCPA

Local Barco dealer North Jiang Cheng (Beijing) Science and Technology Co. supported on this project with eight FLM-HD20 and four FLM-R22+ projectors. An ultra-bright, full HD projector, the FLM-HD20 is perfect for displaying clear and crisp images in large venues like the NCPA. Thanks to its innovative technology the FLM-HD20 also cuts noise levels to a minimum, which is a must during opera performances. The FLM-R22+ offers similar qualities and can also display widescreen, high-contrast images of superior quality. The projectors will be used for front, rear and top-down projections at the NCPA Opera Hall.

Setting a high standard

The projectors also come in handy for other events and operas. “The possibilities with these projectors are almost limitless. As we see it, using projection technology on stage will only gain more and more in popularity,” Mr. Cai concluded. “Barco’s projectors not only create a strong visual impact and allow of great creativity, they are also a profitable and eco-friendly solution. In addition, we are setting a new standard that will enable us to attract other international productions. We are thrilled about working with such top-notch equipment, and look forward to the future performances!”