Global visualization leader Barco proudly announces that it has provided premium display solution and technical support to the 2013 Zhisland Member Conference. The Conference used a 33 meter wide curved screen with six Barco’s FLM HD20 projectors as the main backdrop. In addition, Barco’s ClickShare solution for meeting-room presentation was used for its seminars, immersing the participants in a new meeting experience.

Zhisland is a top-notch platform with excellent entrepreneur resources in China’s business circle. This year, the theme of its Member Conference – held from 31 May to 2 June – was ‘Children’s Day of the Giants - Together from One’.  Over 600 famous entrepreneurs and members of the platform participated, taking the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with their peers.

“This conference is very large in scale, so we used advanced display technologies and an extremely long backdrop”, says Mr. Liu Donghua, founder and Chief Architect of Zhisland. “This enables us to share visual information seamlessly in an easy and efficient manner.”

High-brightness projectors for high-profile conferences

At the conference, a 33-meter-wide curved screen was used, which is very different from past business meetings. This main screen can be used for large-sized backgrounds, the presentation of slides or on-site images with high-definition, four-channel or picture-in-picture images, according to different demands. Six Barco FLM HD20 projectors projected onto this main backdrop screen, realizing a seamless integration based on the company’s edge blending technology.

Mr. Frank Xue, Associate Product Director of Barco Greater China, commented:” FLM- HD20 is our previous generation of high-brightness projectors. The HDF series we launched last year boasts higher brightness of up to 26,000 lumens, and thus delivers better colors and stability. It has become a new benchmark for meetings and exhibitions. "

New collaborative technology for group seminars

In addition, Barco’s ClickShare for meeting rooms presentation system was introduced in its small group seminars on 31 May, held prior to the conference. This is the first installation of ClickShare at events of this kind in China.

Based on different on-spot display devices, ClickShare can be installed and connected quickly. With just a one-click operation, contents from different computers of the participants can be displayed and quickly repositioned on the screen. This user-friendly collaboration system attracted great interest and high praise from the participants for its role in improving the efficiency of the seminars.