Fixed HDQ-2K40s to create a visually stunning dolphin show

Dolphins, symphonic music and cutting-edge technology: these are the key ingredients of ‘Life’, the dolphin show that Kolmården, Scandinavia’s largest wildlife park, launched in the spring of 2013. When the dolphinarium, which dates back to 1969, made plans for a brand-new show, it lifted its ambitions to an unprecedented level. The zoo hired the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra to record the music and contracted Pixelfield United (a new joint-venture of multiple companies, including Barco’s partner Scenteknik AVL) to think up and work out a hi-tech audiovisual concept.

“In addition to new lights and sound, our customer wanted a high-quality visualization solution to project images onto a 33 x 6 m³ canvas along the side of the pool,” explained Vello Hermann of Pixelfield United. Vello and his team designed the concept with Barco’s ultra-bright HDQ-2K40 projectors in mind. “I’ve been relying on Barco solutions for over 20 years now and they have never disappointed me. I knew that Barco was working on a high-brightness 2K projector and absolutely wanted that one for Kolmården, on account of its 40,000 ANSI lumens, the DLP technology and the high-end ImagePRO technology for flexible scaling.”

Pixelfield United installed three Barco HDQ-2K40 projectors (+ 1 redundant projector), to provide a perfect backdrop for the unique dolphin story. It marked the very first fixed install of HDQ-2K40 projectors worldwide. The result? That you should see for yourself. Together with the dolphins and the musical framing, the Barco projectors are taking visitors on an eye-opening journey that fascinates, tickles and entices. “And they’ve been supporting five shows per day for months on end, without the slightest hick-up. Just as behoves a Barco solution,” Hermann concluded.

“We really appreciate the efforts that Barco and Pixelfield United made to convey our vision,” said Mats Olsson, CEO of Kolmården, after the opening show.