On 27 July 2013, the Freedom Park near the Warsaw Rising Museum was the place of an unusual event, showing a part of Polish history in an absolutely unique way. Instead of boring readings, music was used while black and white photos were replaced by state-of-the-art projection. The collaboration of the Museum and Polish group Lao Che was surrounded by a striking 3D mapping!

The project, for which the Polish group Lao Che played a concert celebrating the 69th anniversary of the breaking of the Warsaw Uprising, received a one of a kind visual setting. For each of the 10 pieces of the "Warsaw Uprising" album, PRO4MEDIA displayed animations imparting new meaning to the music and a new dimension to the occurrences of 1944. As the organizers strived for the best picture quality, two of Barco's newest "fourties" projectors were used: the HDQ-2K40s were casting at full power.