ClickShare ensures the interaction workshops need

Since 2002, Germany’s mecca of Virtual Engineering and Virtual Reality has been in Fellbach, near Stuttgart, where the Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) housed its Demo and Innovation Center. As Germany’s leading VR cluster, the VDC brings together research institutions, technology suppliers, service providers and users to create open communication platforms around VR, generate synergies, promote technology transfer and support the development of structures for innovation.

“The VDC has over 100 members today, with Barco being one of our founding partners,” says Christoph Runde, the Center’s Managing Director. “So we have been familiar with Barco’s technology for many, many years.” When Barco presented its brand-new ClickShare wireless presentation system, VDC immediately saw how it would help raise efficiency and collaboration during meetings.

Runde: “The VDC organizes around 30 workshops and seminars per year. Speakers to these events often have exciting content to show, like movies or 3D applications, which is stored on their own devices. In the past, these images or videos had to be embedded into the demo room AV system. Copying took a long time and images were often morphed. With ClickShare, everyone can simply plug in their own laptops and show their content on the big screen.”

“Our workshops are all about discussing and sharing information. ClickShare truly fosters this collaboration, while raising the efficiency of the meetings too. Everyone who’s given a presentation here, over the past few months, is astonished at how easy it works,” concluded VDC’s Managing Director.