Presentations, negotiations and discussions made easy

LMS, a Siemens company, provides the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries with test and mechatronic simulation software and engineering services. Thanks to its innovative technology and a 1,250-strong dedicated team in over 30 locations, LMS has become the partner of choice of more than 5,000 manufacturing companies worldwide.

As a technology leader, LMS has always attached great importance to using the very best tools and equipment to improve its day-to-day operations. The boardroom at its Leuven headquarters (Belgium), for example, features advanced audio and videoconferencing equipment to communicate with colleagues, customers and business partners around the world. Quite recently, LMS has installed Barco’s ClickShare technology at the boardroom. It’s a step-change difference to the meeting room presentation system that LMS was using before.

“The existing presentation system worked well, yet it was very complex. So when we saw a demo of ClickShare, we immediately decided to install a unit in the boardroom,” said Jan Leuridan, CEO. He confirms that the ease-of-use improves meeting productivity: “The absence of cables and the ease with which content can be shared on-screen, helps us save time. On top of that, ClickShare fosters meeting dynamics. It’s so much simpler now to share presentations, diagrams, images, etc. to discuss these. If one meeting participant wishes to clarify an argument or raise an issue, he simply clicks the button and shows the information to illustrate his point.”