An Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival called "Rowdytown II" combined several forces of nature to entertain 10,000 fans, 6,400 feet above sea level, using Barco HDQ-2K40 projectors to show a dazzling array of images with 280,000 lumens brightness. The stage? The breathtaking geological phenomenon known as "Red Rocks," which is the only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world. Live-Online Television orchestrated the deployment, providing its expertise and manpower to install, test and perfectly converge the projectors to create the show canvas.

Five Barco HDQ-2K40 projectors with 1:1 lenses were used on the largest projected area, 200' x 500', once masked to follow the rocks, while two HDQ units covered the 150’ x 250’ area. Live-Online president Dave Jensen describes the technical feat: “It took six stagehands and two projectionists about five hours to place projectors and run signal/power from FOH."

The projectionists started converging as the sun went down to provide as much testing time to the designers as possible. With only one night for set-up and testing, they simply converged images rather than blending them. Since the canvas was comprised of rocks and small bushes, the loss in resolution wasn’t a concern.

3D-mapped animations were designed in collaboration with Big Gigantic and their lighting director to visually compliment the production. With Ghost Pixel at the controls, a custom workflow delivered 100+ unique visuals engulfing the 100’ monolith rock walls.