Vivid images of Russia’s history

The Russians love their history. Or so it appears, at least, from the overwhelming interest in the 2013 exhibition ‘My History. The Romanovs.’ at Moscow’s prestigious Manege center. Set up to mark the 400th anniversary of the Russian imperial dynasty, the exhibition took visitors on a tour of Romanov history from the 17th century to the 1918 massacre of the last tsar's family.

The Russian Orthodox Church, the City of Moscow and the Ministry of Culture, co-organizers of the exhibition, had strained every nerve to truly immerse visitors in the story of the Romanov family. Touchscreen tables with illustrations listed the key historic events of each period and supplied additional entertaining factoids. 3D panels displayed vivid pictures of the past: the Time of Troubles, for example, was represented by a realistically burning Kremlin; the imperial chambers of the 17th century were demonstrated by way of a masterfully back-lit stage while interactive screens depicted scenes of military operations.

CTC-Capital, one of Russia’s leading AV experts, and Barco helped bring the history of the Romanovs alive: three high-bright Barco HDQ-2K40 projectors displayed a picture of all the Russian tsars from the House of the Romanovs (1613–1917) on a giant 7 X 30m screen. Victor Chetverev, General Director of CTC-Capital: “We chose the HDQ-2K40 projectors on account of their high brightness (40,000 ANSI lumens) and high resolution. One of the technical challenges was to ensure trouble-free operation of the projectors for 12 hours a day over four weeks. The Barco projectors proved to be up to challenge”.

The Barco-powered installation was a focal point of the exhibition, as proven by the numerous pictures of visitors in front of the enormous screen which were posted on social media sites. The enthusiasm of the Muscovites for the entire exhibition was so big that the exhibition was extended twice and the organizers then decided to let it tour other Russian cities.