Turning heads in Spain with the exceptional brightness of the HDQ-2K40

Spanish AV expert BNC Montajes Audiovisuales has been an advocate of Barco projectors for quite some time now. When Barco launched its HDQ-2K40 solution, the group immediately understood that this newcomer would set a new standard in brightness levels and it added the high-brightness projectors to its rental stack.

“We had always been very satisfied with the very bright XLM-HD30. But the HDQ-2K40 further raised the bar, offering even higher brightness levels. We knew it would be a reliable projector too, backed up by full technical support from Barco in Spain and in Belgium, where Barco’s headquarters are,” said BNC’s Francisco Borja Gonzalez Lopez.

BNC Montajes Audiovisuales was the very first AV expert in Spain to showcase the power and brightness of the HDQ-2K40. Lux Greco, the annual projection mapping project of the city of Toledo, was just the perfect opportunity to première the new projectors. Every year, Toledo organizes projection mapping on its main historic monuments, to visualize the life of artist El Greco, who has lived in Toledo for 37 years. In July 2013, four HDQ-2K40s immersed the audience in Toledo annum 16th/17th century, when El Greco lived and worked there. The result was applauded by everyone.

Equally enthusiastic were the reactions during the gala dinner to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Fencing Federation, at the Paris Grand Palais, and during the official presentation of the country of Mexico at the 34th International Tourism Exhibition (FITUR) in Madrid, both in January 2014. The projection mappings created as a backdrop during these events showed more crisp colors, higher brightness and higher resolution than any other light and audio show ever seen in Spain.