Alloy has significantly boosted productivity with ClickShare

Award winning Surrey based industrial design agency, Alloy, specializes in experience led design, an approach that helps its clients to create more powerful connections with its customers and deliver more effective innovation. Alloy’s impressive client list ranges from corporate giants such as BT and Samsung, to smaller start-up companies looking to bolster their brand.

The company recently installed Barco’s new ClickShare wireless presentation in the conference room, which is used to host many of its client activities including face-to-face meetings, video conferencing – as well as its own company board meetings, and interviews. The latest technologies play a vital role at the agency, whether they are used to conduct intricate creative work or interact with new business prospects.

Staff and visitors now share content with clients in the most intuitive way possible. As the ClickShare system does not use cables, a presentation can be started by simply pushing a button – either from a USB-device connected to a laptop PC or MAC, or an app for iPhone, i-Pad or Android.

Matt Plested, director at Alloy, explains how the company has used the ClickShare system and the benefits it has brought to the company: “It has become an invaluable part of our conference room set up. We have been screen sharing with clients on to our large LCD, as well as conducting group Skype calls. We have also been able to use ClickShare during job interviews where candidates have used the system to demonstrate their portfolio of work to us.”

As a result, collaboration in the meeting room environment has significantly increased, particularly because ClickShare has enabled Alloy to support iOS and Android devices.

Plested continues: “The ease with which someone can contribute to a meeting has made everything far more fluid and we really value the fact that it works with people’s phones. ClickShare has been an outstanding addition to our presentation set up. The meeting dynamics have been transformed, there is no ‘cable passing’ presenter handover procedure, people can sit anywhere in the room and still be a presenter.”

“ClickShare has taken the burden out of screen sharing. The aim of our company is to create better experiences through products, interactions and services and this system has made us look a slicker, more high tech operation.”