Mediablaze gets creative with Barco ClickShare

Based in London’s Vauxhall, content and social agency Mediablaze employs around 20 full-time staff working with a range of high profile clients across the technology and lifestyle sector. The agency specializes in content creation, publishing and social marketing and has completed several successful projects for big name brands such as LG, Panasonic, Spotify and Tesco.

As a content agency for the social media age, the company has to deliver seamless and engaging presentations to its clients. The latest technological advances play a vital role in the agency’s meeting room performance and the recent addition of Barco’s new ClickShare wireless presentation system has helped to create a higher level of collaboration.

Installed in the boardroom at Mediablaze, the ClickShare unit enables the employees to use their Mac laptops to share information and ideas on an ad hoc basis, increasing spontaneity and speeding up the meeting process.

Michael Brook, Group Editorial Director at Mediablaze Group Limited, says: “The ClickShare system has allowed us to use new types of devices in meetings and to greatly improve efficiency. Before, we would need to connect individually via cables, now we can connect multiple machines wirelessly.

“It has made sharing information in meetings a seamless experience. Prior to introducing ClickShare, individuals would have to stop and connect, which caused everything to grind to a halt when they were taking over a screen. Now we can just beam content from multiple computers on to our shared TV screen.”

One feature of ClickShare that has been welcomed by Mediablaze employees is the tactile nature of the buttons that are used to take over the screen, as well as the robustness of the unit itself.

Brook continues: “The collaboration tool makes presenting ideas from multiple people so easy, it really reduces in-meeting downtime and means that the team can just concentrate on being creative.”