Santikos is making a bold move to heighten image quality for its movie showings with Barco’s newly released 6P laser projector, installing it at its 19-screen Palladium cinema in central Texas.

Always at the forefront of movie exhibition technology, Santikos’ decision to acquire the Barco laser projector for its flagship property marks another logical and impressive step forward by the exhibitor based on their desire to lead the local cinema industry.  Barco is already the exclusive supplier of xenon-based digital cinema projectors for Santikos.


“We have trusted Barco as our business’ sole projection supplier, and we’re confident that their new 6P projector offers best-in-class laser engineering coupled with exacting production standards,” comments Jahnathan Meek, Santikos’ Equipment Specialist.

Santikos recognizes the long-term value proposition of moving from Xenon-based to laser-driven illumination and is planning to expand their laser footprint beyond the San Antonio location.  As the adoption of laser projection progresses, and pricing responds accordingly, the economic benefits will be significant over time in terms of reduced energy costs and the elimination of replacement Xenon lamps.