Eurovision 2014: another brilliant performance by Barco!

With 120 to 130 million viewers, there really is no TV show, anywhere in the world, as popular as the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). After more than five decades featuring some 1,100 songs, the contest has become a modern classic, firmly embedded into Europe's collective mind. Barco has been a proud contributor to many editions of the show, over the past few years.

Excellence award for 2013
Our 2013 performance was extraordinary. Online readers of Studio Live Design, a platform for designers and technicians of live events, chose the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 as the winner of the Annual Excellence award in the ‘Live for Broadcast’ category. The award was a credit to Barco, as Eurovision 2013 was an all-Barco show powered by a total of 60 Barco projectors, including 26 units of the high-brightness HDQ-2K40.

32 ultra-bright projectors
In 2014, the ESC organizers again turned to Barco and its partner Mediatec to deliver projection solutions. While the equipment list for the 2014 edition was somewhat less exhaustive than the year before, the feedback on the set-up was equally enthusiastic. The 35mx 20m Eurovision stage was designed around a glowing cube, showcasing the industrial heritage of the B&W Hallerne venue - a former shipyard. The cube itself consisted of 120 modules with a special surface of projection film, which allows the display of pictures or animation. The 16 HDQ-2K40 and 16 HDX-W20 FLEX projectors played a starring role in the setting.

An absolute delight
The HDQ-2K40 projectors are so bright and powerful that they can project high-resolution images from the most extreme of angles. Being from the same modular family as the HDQs, the HDX-W20 FLEX projectors are equipped with class-leading, on-board image processing for extreme scaling. They were, therefore, perfectly up to the challenge of projecting onto the cube from a very short distance. Every single projection the TV viewers saw on their screen, like the sparks of fire and huge flames behind the back of winner Conchita Wurst, was powered by Barco. "Just like in 2013, it was an absolute delight to work with Barco’s HDQ-2K40 projectors in Copenhagen,” said Niclas Ljung, Project Manager of Mediatec.

- Copyright pictures Jakob Boserup -