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In the year 1800, there were 1 billion people on this planet, of which 3% lived in urban areas. Today, only 200 years later, there are 7 billion earthlings. Half of these are city dwellers. It’s obvious that such an explosive growth in population has its consequences for the infrastructure. The only way to cope with these challenges, is by building smarter systems.

Barco, enabler of a smarter tomorrow

One of the keys to smart systems is information. The more data is available, the better solutions will be the result. Combining databases and sensor information from many different players will therefore help create a better understanding of the situation at a given moment.

Data gathering, distribution and monitoring will thus become increasingly important. Barco, as a leading provider of visualization and networked distribution solutions, is therefore an enabler for a smarter tomorrow. From traffic management, over security and telecom, to utilities and process control systems, Barco provides the necessary building blocks for a highly reliable control room visualization system. 

The right perspective on image and data management

Our networked visualization system takes care of the real-time distribution of information. Any amount of data can be transferred from any location, over any distance, to be displayed on any screen. The system’s enormous flexibility even allows sharing of information over separate private networks, so that for example the police and the hospitals can share the information they want in a safe way. This encourages collaboration of different departments and public services, and adds to total system intelligence.

Your individual solution from the market leader in control room management

Barco is the global market leader in designing, equipping, integrating and connecting control room solutions for any market and environment. With the experience of hundreds of successful installations per year of virtually any size, Barco will also be able to assist you in identifying your needs, clarifying the requirements, tailoring an ideal solution and continuously supporting you with its wide range of services. You have the vision; Barco will help you bring it to life!

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