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Creating the magic of the movie

As the opening credits roll, audiences are transported into an unexpected world, embraced by ultimate image quality and immersive sound, which deliver a superior level of movie realism. This compelling universe is enabled by Barco’s lamp-based and laser-illuminated projection technology and Auro 11.1 immersive cinema sound system.

Why do we do this? Because we love the movies as much as you do.

Immersive sound

Barco's Auro 11.1 immersive sound technology is the next-generation sound format for the cinema industry. It turns conventional cinema sound into a fully immersive experience, with sound coming from all around and above the listener. As such it is the perfect companion for visual 3D.

  • A unique differentiator that allows you to maintain your premium 3D revenues and distinguish yourself from the competition
  • Ultimate ease of mind thans to DCI-compliant system architecture
  • Minimal hardware and installation investment thanks to full compatibility with existing standards
  • The most commercially viable 3D cinema sound technology available

Barco Alchemy technology for a unique experience

With a portfolio of more than 10 digital cinema projectors, Barco provides the most complete range of DCI-compliant 2K and 4K digital cinema projectors in the industry to let the movie magic come to life. By fusing media server functionalities with the projector's cinema processing electronics into one integrated projector board, the unique Barco Alchemy projector technology deliver future-proof modularity at unparalleled levels.

4K 60 fpsBarco Alchemy 
When coupled with a 4K digital cinema projector, the Barco Alchemy technology truly elevates the movie experience by enabling 4K 2D content to be shown at 60 fps. Moreover, a projector can also readily show uncompressed alternative content in 4K at 60 fps.

4K 3DUltimate 3D in 4K
Thanks to the unique Barco Alchemy technology, the brightest 4K projectors on the planet are now more powerful than ever. A single 4K projector can not only show 4K 2D content at 60 fps but it also delivers 4K 3D images to truly enchant audiences with an enthralling movie experience.

emiratesH264Absolute image quality 
Thanks to the patented, hermetically sealed optical engines of Barco's digital cinema projectors, dust cannot intrude in the DLP Cinema® chip, which ensures undiminished brightness and contrast levels over the years.

ACR 2010Easy maintenance
The enhanced modularity and commonality in design of Barco's DP2K/4K projectors significantly minimizes downtime, allows for a minimum spare parts stock and speeds up technicians' learning curves, which further reduces cost of ownership.

Technology Insight: SmoothGrayLow lamp operating cost
The Barco DP2K/4K family efficiently maximizes the light output from standard short-arc bulbs. Moreover, the projectors have the lowest cooling exhaust requirements in the industry and further lower total cost of ownership thanks to the user of reusable filters on all air inlets.

Easy controlUltimate ease of use
The multi-language, multi-plaform Communicator software allows to connect to the projector over the network, be it from your PC or from the optional Communicator Touch Panel. Designed for multi-user command and control, the Communicator software enables one-click access to any of your Barco DP2K or DP4K projectors.

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