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The standard of care for digital breast imaging

In a world where every detail matters, technological excellence alone is not enough. It needs to be balanced with a thorough understanding of the mammography market and imaging process. Barco's 5MP display systems for digital breast imaging offer unrivaled image precision and ultimate diagnostic confidence, setting a new standard of care for women's health. That's why over 80% of all breast screening centers worldwide select Barco mammography display systems.

The first choice for breast tomosynthesis

Breast tomosynthesis, offering multi-frame 3D views of the breast, has led to a revolutionary breakthrough in breast cancer screening. Used as a complement to 2D digital mammography, breast tomosynthesis provides improved lesion visibility and reduces recall rates. Barco's Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP display system is the first available for breast tomosynthesis, meeting the highest standards for patient safety and efficacy in digital breast imaging today.

Best-of-class 2D and 3D image quality

Barco mammography and breast tomosynthesis displays have been specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of women's healthcare imaging today. Delivering complete and uninterrupted diagnostic confidence and high-bright image quality, whether in 2D or 3D, they help radiologists make quick, accurate and confident diagnoses.

Why you'll love Barco mammography displays?

5 MegaPixel resolution (2,048 x 2,560 or 2,096 x 2,800)Excellent visibility of small and subtle details in breast images.  High-speed cine imaging without blurInstant delivery of sharp images without motion blur.
Long-lifetime backlightsExceptional brightness and long-lasting performance. Per Pixel Uniformity correctionPixel-perfect breast images without disturbing screen noise.
Integrated front-of-screen sensorConsistent images over time for worry-free diagnostic interpretation. MediCal QA softwareincludedWorry-free Quality Assurance and automated DICOM accuracy at all times.

The Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP and all Coronis displays feature DuraLight, I-Guard, and Per Pixel Uniformity technologies. The Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP also comes with RapidFrame technology.

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