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A display purpose-built for healthcare specialists

Advancements in digital imaging technology have changed the way patient data is viewed and distributed in today’s healthcare facilities. Cardiologists, oncologists, orthopedists and all other clinical specialists have ready access to medical images, enriched with patient information, throughout the hospital. To ensure consistent image quality for accurate clinical review and high-quality collaboration, efficient work flow for healthcare IT as well as full infection control, Barco designed the Eonis clinical displays family.


Here's three reasons why you'll love Eonis:

Perfect for reviewing clinical images

Eonis ensures crisp, bright, high-contrast images, as a solid basis for confident image viewing. Eonis displays come with a unique front sensor and Barco’s cloud-based MediCal QAWeb for long-term image consistency.

Just how precise are Eonis displays? Watch video


Exceptionally cleanable for infection control

Eonis offers smart design features that foster safety, flexibility and ergonomics. On top of that, the white Eonis is fully sealed and fully cleanable front and back - even with 70% alcohol - to prevent the spread of infections.

Just how cleanable are Eonis displays? Watch video


Barco Eonis displays for healthcare specialists

Powerful remote management tools for administrators

Moreover, Barco’s Eonis displays offer additional benefits for healthcare IT. With Barco’s MediCal QAWeb web-based tool, administrators can remotely manage image policies and access real-time status and budgeting reports of the installed base.


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