For ultimate slide to eye confidence

The rise of digital pathology is offering new opportunities to facilitate slide-sharing, enhance throughput, improve treatment decisions and reduce lab expenses. In this digital pathology environment, displays are the window to your slides, so they should come up to the highest quality standards.

High-grade image quality

Widely acclaimed for their high-grade image quality, Barco displays are your guarantee for optimum sharpness, contrast and color accuracy.

  • Microscope-like image clarity and accuracy
  • Perfect pathology slides for worry-free image viewing 
  • 100% consistency for uniform images
  • Reliable digital slides at all times

Why you'll love Barco pathology displays?

Superior image quality

Barco pathology displays deliver better contrast, more accurate colors and a wider viewing angle than conventional monitors. Result? Microscope-like image clarity and accuracy.

ultra-wide viewing angle: clearly visible image from nearly all angles    Uniform Luminancetechnology

Consistent images over time

Barco pathology displays have built-in stabilization technology to ensure long-term consistent images. Result? Perfect pathology slides for worry-free image viewing.

 Integrated front-of-screen sensor    Backlight Output Stabilization

Confident remote viewing

Barco pathology displays ensure you and your colleagues see identical slides, even when viewed from different locations. Result? 100% consistency, no matter where you are.

 MediCal QA softwareincluded    Backlight Output Stabilization

Ultimate peace of mind

Barco provides an automated service for Quality Assurance to track the accuracy and the quality of the images displayed. Result? Reliable digital slides at all times.

 MediCal QA softwareincluded

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