The networked digital operating room

To meet the ever-changing imaging requirements in today’s operating rooms, Barco has developed Nexxis for OR, a fully networked digital operating room. Built on a high-bandwidth IP platform, Nexxis offers a flexible and scalable surgical environment that enhances workflow efficiency and team collaboration. This ‘OR-over-IP’ approach ensures:

  • Compression-free distribution of images for artifact-free imaging
  • Near-zero latency for perfect hand-eye coordination
  • A scalable platform to easily adopt new technologies
  • A flexible solution to meet new imaging requirements
  • Remote maintenance and setups for efficient OR utilization
  • Real-time communication with other operating rooms
  • Centralized control

High-accuracy surgical and endoscopic displays

The complexity of general and minimally invasive surgery places high demands on both the medical staff and the equipment used. Barco has designed a complete line of surgical and endoscopic displays, boom-mounted or trolley-mounted, that provide unsurpassed precision while meeting the specific image-guided surgery requirements in the digital operating room.

Why you'll love Barco's digital operating room solutions?

  • Excellent image detail, depth perception and color accuracy
  • Multiple input signals and simultaneous image viewing
  • Smooth, artifact-free video images due to the extremely fast response times
  • Ergonomic design and easy-clean solutions

Featured products

Surgical displays

Surgical displays

Barco's surgical and endoscopy displays are designed to provide unsurpassed precision while meeting the specific safety and space ...

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Nexxis for the operating room

Nexxis for the operating room

Nexxis for OR is the best way to share audio and video anywhere in the operating room – and even beyond!

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Barco surgical displays

Barco surgical displays

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