Ultimate visual experience

Whether at events, concerts, open-air festival stages, up against flagship stores’ façades, in legendary sports stadiums, inside interactive museums or in auditoria, Barco's visualization technology is everywhere.

From compact, reliable projectors for mid-sized businesses to the most powerful projectors, LED displays and image processors and controllers for events, advertising and branding; we have something for everyone.

Equipment Financing Program

Setting the stage with your own Barco equipment has never been easier and more affordable, thanks to the fixed, low interest rates and attractive terms offered by Barco’s Equipment Financing Program.

nearlynew.barco.com Barco quality at reduced prices

Visit Barco’s web catalog where you can purchase Barco quality at bargain prices. Products on nearlynew.barco.com are former Barco demo units or excess inventory gear.

Find your ideal LED display

Find the ideal LED tile for your specific application in just two clicks.

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