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Changing work environment and culture

In today’s changing work environment and culture, productive meetings and effective teamwork are more important than ever. Increased mobility, information overload and greater connectivity all have their impact on the way we work. To meet these challenges, we have to find smarter ways to work, collaborate and hold meetings.

Making visual collaboration truly simple

By providing state-of-the-art technology that simplifies visual collaboration, Barco will change the way you work. We have rethought enterprise visualization and provide you with the right equipment to make your business a success. Across from our wide portfolio of single-chip and three-chip DLP lamp and laser phosphor business projectors, Barco has also designed the world’s most revolutionary meeting room product, ClickShare, an easy-to-use presentation tool that will get your content on-screen in a single click. And thanks to the freestanding structures, you can easily integrate LCD video walls into your workplace as well.

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The power of pixels: how you can improve meeting & collaboration efficiency


BIM objects available now

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