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Barco provides an integrated approach to patient care across the hospital enterprise, boosting clinical performance in every department via a connected network of display systems. You’ll find Barco at every patient touch point, from the imaging exam, to the radiology reading room, to specialist consultations and treatment planning, to the surgical or interventional radiology suite to education at the patient bedside.

About the radiology practice & productivity

The practice of radiology is changing. Technology is driving new practices and ways of working, health systems are becoming more complex, and the needs of patients are evolving. What do we need to do to change with it?

5 environmental facts about Barco medical displays

Reducing the environmental impact of displays isn’t just about turning them off at night. Ensuring a product has the highest environmental credentials starts with its concept and design.

10 ways Coronis Uniti helps improve breast cancer screening

Discover all of the wonderful ways Coronis UnitiTM changes the practice of breast cancer screening.

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Stories about the role of healthcare imaging - some incredibly cool, others simply eye-opening. 

Raising the bar in diagnostic imaging with Barco mammography and radiology displays.

Raising the bar in diagnostic imaging

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