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Barco provides an integrated approach to patient care across the hospital enterprise, boosting clinical performance in every department via a connected network of display systems. You’ll find Barco at every patient touch point, from the imaging exam, to the radiology reading room, to specialist consultations and treatment planning, to the surgical or interventional radiology suite to education at the patient bedside.

4K: from Hollywood to the OR

"4K has enabled cinemas to make better use of the front row seats, because the quality of the resolution there was improved. Higher resolution in the OR is important because it provides more detail for the surgeon and other medical staff", says Peter Knight, aka The Mad Cornish Projectionist.

Live impressions from ECR

Coronis Uniti video testimonials - live from the ECR showfloor.

What's the way forward in breast density?

Breast density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of mammography to detect cancer. How do 'dense breasts' impact screening for women and what can radiologists do?

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Raising the bar in diagnostic imaging with Barco mammography and radiology displays.

Raising the bar in diagnostic imaging

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