Lifelike simulation for professionals

Projection for simulators

In training to become a skilled pilot, driver, captain or air traffic controller, textbooks or courses are not enough: visual simulation is a must to turn knowledge into practice. This is where simulation displays step in. By simulating situations and potential crisis scenarios as accurately as possible, whether in flight, naval, air control, weapons or driving simulation, you can optimally prepare for mission critical situations. Barco offers a wide range of simulation projectors and visual display systems.

Stereoscopic projection for virtual reality

In automotive, scientific research and the oil and gas industry virtual reality has become essential to visualize complex processes, link networked information or find correlations between large sets of data. Typical applications are prototyping for the automotive industry, visualization for oil and gas and virtual imaging for planetariums.

Visit Barco’s web catalog where you can purchase Barco quality at bargain prices. Products on are former Barco demo units or excess inventory gear.

Stereoscopic projection in 4K resolution

Check out our new Galaxy 4K series - the perfect solution for single-screen applications that require the highest resolution, best color quality, lowest total cost of ownership and brilliant 3D.

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