Last modified On 12 March 2015

[KB1180] Can I share audio from my laptop using ClickShare? (FAQ)

Short Description

ClickShare captures both video and audio. Audio output was added in March 2013 through a free of charge Base Unit firmware update. Audio is available as a separate output from the base unit. Audio can be outputted embedded over DisplayPort if you are running 1.05 on the CSC-1.


Audio is supported from version onwards. The audio and video signal are lip synchronized on CSC-1 and wirelessly transmitted via the ClickShare Button. Audio output is available via analog line out  on mini jack socket (3.5mm)

Audio embedded in the DisplayPort/HDMI signal of the CSC-1 Base Unit will be available from version 1.5 onwards. This software is scheduled to be released in Q2 2014.

On CSM-1 is the audio outputted on both HDMI and mini jack socket

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