Last modified On 11 March 2015

[KB1192] Will ClickShare work with video conferencing equipment? (FAQ)

Short Description

ClickShare works with video conferencing equipment from most major vendors, and allows for native integration via its API. ClickShare configuration settings are available to help with integration.


Both video outputs of ClickShare CSC-1 can be used for integration with other AV equipment. One of the video outputs can be connected to the display or projector in the room, in the appropriate resolution. The other video output can be connected to the data input channel of the video conferencing codec. If required, the resolution can be different for each ClickShare video output.
The VC codec sends the image to the remote location using its data channel, the remote codec displays the image on the remote location.
To avoid the ClickShare wallpaper being visible at all times at both locations, the wallpaper can be disabled in the Base Unit's web interface. Consequently, an image is only sent the remote location when someone is actually sharing content using a ClickShare Button or the ClickShare app.