Last modified On 11 March 2015

[KB1222] Why can’t I find the ClickShare Base Unit SSID wireless network displayed in my wireless networks? (Troubleshooting)

Short Description

Since the release of CSC-1 version of Base Unit software, the SSID is broadcast by default. However, you can choose to hide the SSID using the settings in the Web Interface. If the SSID is hidden and you would like to broadcast it, please to follow the instructions provided for the operating system of your laptop or device. It’s also possible that the Base Unit is running in the 5GHz band and your device is not able to operate in that frequency.


If the SSID is hidden you can still connect to the ClickShare wireless network, but the method to use depends on the operating system of your laptop.
You can find instructions for your operating system online. The default SSID and password to connect to the Base Unit are available in the installation manual for IT and Facilities.

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