Last modified On 12 March 2015

[KB1278] Why is my ClickShare Button not working when I plug it into my laptop? (FAQ)

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An organization’s IT security measures may prevent users from using ClickShare. Typical measures include: • USB port blocking, which prevents the ClickShare button being recognized when it is inserted into a laptop – if this happens the LED ring does not light up and the ClickShare drive does not appear on the laptop screen • Prevention of application launching from mass storage devices, which results in an error message that the ClickShare application cannot be started every time it is double clicked. If you encounter these issues please contact your IT department.


In some companies, the IT policy built into the laptops prevent the use of ClickShare.

 This can manifest itself in two different ways:

  • When the USB port is blocked, the Button does not start blinking when plugged into the laptop and no ClickShare drive appears in "My Computer" (Windows) or "Finder" (Mac).
  • When no applications can be launched from a mass storage device the operating system shows an error message explaining that the program can not be started when you double click on the application.


Both security measures are controlled by the IT department. The IT departement usually has a procedure in place to approve new products that are based on USB. If you want to use ClickShare in your company and your IT department is willing to put ClickShare through their procedure, contact us for a demo request. Once your IT department has approved the product, they can change the security settings accordingly and the product can be used.

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