Last modified On 24 October 2014

[KB1308] Clickshare Launcher Silent Installation (FAQ)

Short Description

CLICKSHARE LAUNCHER SILENT INSTALLATION for installation by an IT department


UPDATE : Please refer to the KB item on the link below : 

This KB item is no longer valid.



In order to do a silent installation, a file with the required installation options should be prepared. The file options.txt can be used as a starting point.


InstallMode: Standard
InstallType: Typical
LaunchApplication: Yes
SelectedComponents: Default Component
LicenseAccepted: 1


Place this options file in the same folder as the installer. Open a command prompt, browse to this folder and type following line:
ClickShare_Launcher_Setup_for_Windows.exe /mode silent /response-file options.txt

This will install the software in the subfolder ‘Clickshare Launcher’ of the ‘Program Files’ or ‘Program Files (x86)’ folder and create a link to the launcher in the startup folder so that the software is started at boot time. The software is also started as soon as the installer finishes.

Optionally, a number of other parameters can be changed in the options file:

InstallDir: Install the launcher at a specific folder. Make sure to select the ‘Program Files’ folder on a 32bit PC and the ‘Program Files (x86)’ folder on a 64bit PC!
InstallDir: C:\Program Files (x86)\Clickshare Launcher

ProgramFolderName: Specify the name of the program folder, but let the installer select the rest of the path.
ProgramFolderName: Clickshare Launcher

Note: The installer should be run as the user, not as ‘SYSTEM’.