Last modified On 11 March 2015

[KB1343] Why isn’t extended desktop working with the ClickShare button? (Troubleshooting)

Short Description

Extended desktop functionality is not available with ClickShare if you are using Windows XP/Vista or Mac OS X. If your machine is using AMD Catalyst, ensure your catalyst driver is version 13.8 or higher if you want to use extended desktop. If your machine is using nVidia control panel, ensure that the nVidia driver is 320.18 or higher if you want to use extended desktop.


To fix the problem, update your AMD catalyst drivers to 13.8 or higher

Extended desktop doesn't work on systems with:

  • Windows XP / Vista
  • Mac OS X
  • AMD Catalyst 13.1
  • AMD Catalyst 13.4

We have seen problems with:

  • nvidia control panel 320.18

To verify if your system should be able to share extended desktop:

  1. Please open you resolutions settings in Windows.
  2. Press windows + p keycombination
  3. Select extend mode
  4. Verify if you have now 2 visible screens in the resolution window or not
  5. if your system is not able to make the second screen and is not in the list above please contact us.
  6. If your system is able to make the second desktop and is not able to share, please contact us


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