Last modified On 12 March 2015

[KB1453] Where can I buy antenna extension cables and/or antenna mounting kits for my ClickShare Base Unit? (FAQ)

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This a list of companies that sell antenna extension cables and antenna mounting kits.


 These companies sell antenna extension cables of the correct type*:

(*) The enumeration of the above suppliers and/or products does not mean that Barco endorses any of these suppliers or products, nor that Barco benefits from sales generated by the above mentioned suppliers. The acquisition of the necessary products, cables and/or connectors as required for the Clickshare product occurs at the sole responsibility of the party requiring such material. Barco shall under no circumstances bear any responsibility whatsoever in the sales process for such material, nor shall Barco bear any responsibility for the quality of the acquired products, cables and/or connectors.

(**) We recommend to limit to the 5m cables of Digitus.

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